FAQs about Campership Program

What Is A Campership?

A campership is a scholarship program designed to help provide financial assistance to those students who need help getting to camp.


How does a student get chosen?

We partner with local community organizations to give out vouchers to students who couldn’t attend camp otherwise. These organizations pave the way to building relationships in our schools and local youth centers. Through these partnerships we are able to choose up to 400 students per year to send to camp!

Can I Apply for the Campership Program?

If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for camp, please email us so that we can reach out to you.

Can I get updates about this program?

Absolutely! We will send out weekly emails during our sponsored weeks at camp. These emails will include stories, pictures, and video testimonies of what we are accomplishing at camp! In addition, for those who give the full cost of a camper ($250.00) we will be inviting you to a private donor dinner to thank you for your commitment to our camp!